Breakfast Tacos$5.50

Cheddar cheese, scrambled eggs, bacon crumbles, tomatoes & shredded lettuce. Served with a side of salsa

Quiche of the Day $5.25

Fresh and unique every day. With a crust that's to die for.

Yogurt Parfaits$3.75

Yogurt, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, & Crunchy Granola


Sesame or Whole Wheat. With Homemade cream cheese.

Mixed Fruit $3.75

Egg Panini $5.95

With Ham and Cheese on our homemade oatmeal bread.

Oatmeal Steel Cut $3.95

Anna's Own Recipe. Add Almonds or Craisins for $0.50 each.

Fresh Baked Scones $2.50


Add a Mini Side$2.25

2 sausage links or a small mixed fruit.

Coffee Cake$2.95

Flavor of the Day

3 Sausage Links$2.95

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Friday 7:30am 2:00pm
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