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10259094_530953957026794_3231369509100316831_oWe believe that using fresh and local ingredients whenever possible actually makes the world a better place. If that sounds like hyperbole, just take into account all the things that improve when we use these locally sourced foods from local producers. Obviously, the food just tastes better, and that's enough of a reason right there for us. But in addition, reducing the transportation costs reduces our impact on the environment. In addition, buying locally keeps our money right here in our little corner of Ohio where it provides jobs for local workers and helps improve our local economy. Really, it's just better all around.

So what do we do? We love Boltz Family Farms. We actually plan our menu salads and specials around what kind of lettuce Boltz is growing. It really is that good. We also get fresh basil and even farm fresh eggs from Boltz. In fact, we recently got a load of beets and eggs fresh from the farm to make Anna's amazing beets and eggs.

1915159We also frequent Goodings Market and even random farm stands out in Amish country. Additionally, we not only have a spot at the Tuscarawas Valley Farmers Market, but we love buying things like fresh cabbage while we're there. We also grow some of our own produce, right now it's tomatoes and zucchini, right outside the restaurant.

Finally, whenever possible, we frequent local stores for special ingredients, like the fantastic olive oils and balsamic vinegars we get at OV Harvest.

Fresh, delicious and good for the community. Does it get any better?

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